SUPER Interreg Europe


SUPER (Supporting
eco-innovations towards international markets) is an international project
funded by the Programme Interreg-Europe (H2020, 2016-2020). The Spanish Regional partner of SUPER is CEEIM. I am proud to be
part of the Regional Stakeholder of Region of Murcia, representing the
University of Murcia.

aims to improve SMEs uptake of Environmentally Sustainable Innovations (ESIs)
into their business. For that the regions need to work further on how to
develop models such as the cooperative business support model, where the focus
should be on possible measures for business development and how companies can
evolve towards an Environmentally Driven Export Market (EDEM) while working
together with the whole chain of support and in close interaction with the SMEs
themselves. Herein lays a need to create an international network of contacts
concerning how public and private bodies can work on these issues in order to
improve policy delivery for an Environmentally Driven Business Development of SMEs.

The aim is to: develop,
improve and adapt regional policies that support increased international
commercialization of SMEs’ ESIs and environmentally friendly products (EFPs) –
better support mechanism that help mature the region’s businesses will in turn
lead to improved conditions for export of EFPs and lead to increased
competitiveness. The above will be accomplished thru exchange of experiences
and practices, benchmarking and analysis of challenges and needs.

The Regional stakeholder group
monitors the progress and work with the various activities connected to the SME
needs analysis and analysis of challenges and necessary success factors for
environmentally friendly innovations. Functions as a reference group as well
as/or as output/result-owner in some cases.

III Stakeholders meeting_ Business Innovation Center of Murcia, 2017