COST-CA 18110

CA18110 will establish and implement an expert network, aiming at promoting balanced and sustainable approaches for the conservation of the underground heritage and, at the same time, realizing the potential of underground space in urban and rural areas for regeneration policies.

The proposal aims at guaranteeing continuity of use and significance to the underground historic fabric, revitalization of the public realm and skills development for townspeople. It will disseminate knowledge on underground culture and assist local communities’ decision-making with adequate cultural, scientific and technical knowledge of the underground built environment from many different aspects (i.e. archaeology, geotechnics, history, urban planning, cultural anthropology, economics, architecture, cultural tourism). Finally, it will contribute to other EU programmes implementation.

Main Contacts:

Chair: Giuseppe Pace

Vice-Chair: Susana Martínez-Rodríguez

Science Communications Manager: Dov Winer

Science Officer: Estelle Emeriau

Administrative Officer: Carmencita Malimban

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Brussels (BE) April 2019, CA18110 Kick-off Meeting


Presentation of CA18110- IV Workshop of the PhD program DECIDE- UNED (Spanish National Distance Education University)